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Gamepad support, recognition and use as alternative to keyboard

From: Tom Davies
Subject: Gamepad support, recognition and use as alternative to keyboard
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 00:00:14 +0100

Hi :)
Gamepad support for systems with neither mouse nor keyboard.

Should this be posted as a "feature request" / "wish-list" item using
the bug-report system?  Should we just put a tag in square brackets in
the subject-line, such as [feature-request]?

The users-support mailing list recently received a post from someone
asking how to set-up grub to work on a system that doesn't have a
keyboard and mouse.  It's a gaming machine that might even find it
difficult or impossible to add a mouse or keyboard.  Also with the
rise of Steam OS it might be that more people start needing Grub on
gaming devices.  Is there already an alternative multi-boot
boot-loader for them?  Is it likely to be difficult to get Grub2 to
detect such an unusual device?  Each game-pad seems very different to
me so i wondered if that might be a factor?

My response was to just tell the original poster to post a bug-report
about it and look for another way of doing this in the shorter-term
but a couple of us are interested in knowing if that was good advice.
Regards from
Tom :)

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