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Re: About the CLI of both grub-mkrescue versions

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: About the CLI of both grub-mkrescue versions
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 20:28:42 +0200


how about this:


The C program gets renamed to grub-mkiso.c. The binary gets
installed under two names: grub-mkiso and grub-mkrescue.

If started as "grub-mkiso" the program implements the change in
the CLI. I.e. "--" marks the start of xorriso -as mkisofs options.

If started as "grub-mkrescue", an own argument parser implements
the old behavior of the grub-mkrescue(.in) script. I.e. unknown
arguments are used as xorriso -as mkisofs options. The unknown
argument "--" then causes xorriso -as mkisofs emulation to end.


This would avoid to bother scripting users of grub-mkrescue
or maintainers of things like

The name grub-mkiso would be well appropriate because the program
produces GRUB2 bootable ISO images not only for rescue systems,
but also for system distributions and live CDs.

Needed would be:
- Legacy parser in the C program compatible to old
- New help text in C program to reflect grub-mkiso CLI.
- Old help text in C program gets triggered by the legacy parser.
  It should mention that there is also the more modern grub-mkiso.
- Update docs/grub.texi, describing grub-mkiso and mentioning that
  grub-mkrescue is outdated.

Except the legacy parser, all these tasks have to be addressed
anyway, in order to reflect the current change from
to grub-mkrescue.c.

Have a nice day :)


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