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Re: About the CLI of both grub-mkrescue versions

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: About the CLI of both grub-mkrescue versions
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 22:29:58 +0200


> Well, below is much more simple patch which is reusing argp
> infrastructure. The only problem - it needs small patch for gnulib
> otherwise --help does not work. IMHO this is a bug in gnulib. If you
> convince them to fix it ...

Me ? I cannot even convince you or Vladimir :))

I understand that you propose a single interpretation mode
which shall be compatible with grub-mkrescue(.in) from
GRUB 2.00.
In the first thread about this topic, the wish was issued to
make the ISO producer behave like other GRUB tools.
Does any of them use ARGP_NO_ERRS ?

My proposal tries to keep old scripts runnable, while not
hampering the transition to the common interpretation style.
It also complains about now unsupported options of grub-mkrescue(.in),
wheras your poposal forwards them to xorriso. (If i get it right.)

> I do not say that I particular like it, but looks better than
> reimplement parser from scratch.

At least it addresses my concerns about compatibility for

If it gets implemented, then it should catch old options

My proposal for -vi and --version was:
          printf ("%s %s %s\n", argv[0], PACKAGE_NAME, PACKAGE_VERSION);
          exit (0);
The others just issue an error message and exit, as i do not
know whether they would make sense in grub-mkrescue.c.

Have a nice day :)


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