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Grub kfreebsd with pxe & nfs

From: Beeblebrox
Subject: Grub kfreebsd with pxe & nfs
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014 20:03:00 +0200

I have two separate issues involving the {kfreebsd} code in grub.cfg:

* First is, code snippet to get mount_root to use NFS V3 instead of V2. The 
code for this in FreeBSD's /boot/loader.conf is: {boot-nfsroot-options=“nfsv3”}

The comparable grub.cfg code should be as below, but does not work (mount_root 
hangs for some time, then falls back to V2)
{set kfreebsd.boot.nfsroot.options="nfsv3"}

* Second issue is, how to over-ride the {option root-path 
""} code defined by dhcp? This is needed for example 
when I want to boot a i386 version of FreeBSD rather than amd64. As above, this 
does not work correctly:
{set kfreebsd.vfs.root.mountfrom="nfs:"}

Also, which file in the grub code can I look through to get a list of options 
supported by the kfreebsd operator?


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