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Error when building module with efi's "grub_efi_get_variable" function

From: Mat Troi
Subject: Error when building module with efi's "grub_efi_get_variable" function
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 18:43:52 -0700


This is my Makefile.core.def:
module = {
  name = mymod;
  common = net/mymod.c;

When I tried to build I get:
mv syminfo.lst
cat syminfo.lst | sort | gawk -f
/build/boot_project/src/grub/grub2/grub-core/genmoddep.awk >
moddep.lst || (rm -f moddep.lst; exit 1)
grub_efi_get_variable in mymod is not defined
make[5]: *** [moddep.lst] Error 1

mymod.c has "#include <grub/efi/efi.h>" and tries to use
"grub_efi_get_variable" function.  I see that in syminfo.lst
> more syminfo.lst
undefined mymod grub_efi_get_variable

Can someone shed a light on the error and how to fix?


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