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Re: [PATCH 00/18] x86: multiboot2 protocol support

From: João Jerónimo
Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/18] x86: multiboot2 protocol support
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 07:22:24 +0000
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Is it planned to have the boot loader set up long mode for the kernel (in BIOS systems) in a future multiboot version? And, before someone talks about that, I know that long mode requires paging to be set up and enabled. As far as I know some OS loaders do this.

Also, something I think would be interesting to have, is a "safe" memory map, that marks the kernel area as "used" and things like that. :-)


On 30-01-2015 17:54, Daniel Kiper wrote:

I am sending, long awaited, first version of multiboot2 protocol
support for legacy BIOS and EFI platforms.

The final goal is xen.efi binary file which could be loaded by EFI
loader, multiboot (v1) protocol (only on legacy BIOS platforms) and
multiboot2 protocol. This way we will have:
   - smaller Xen code base,
   - one code base for xen.gz and xen.efi,
   - one build method for xen.gz and xen.efi;
     xen.efi will be extracted from xen file
     using objcopy; PE header will be contained
     in ELF file and will precede Xen code,
   - xen.efi build will not so strongly depend
     on a given GCC and binutils version.

GRUB2 patch series will follow this patch series.

GRUB2 guys should check patch #18 but I am sending
to you all Xen related patches just in case.

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