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GSoC: outdated ideas list?

From: Pavel Kretov
Subject: GSoC: outdated ideas list?
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 19:11:50 +0300
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Hello everybody.

Now GSoC 2015 is going to start at February, 9 and Grub website has a
“Summer of code” link on its main page [1], but it states to be updated
on 2012/01/05, which is quite a lot ago. So I've checked the Git repo
and found that LUKS and fancy menus seem to be already implemented. What
about other ideas in the list, they're not relevant too? Or may be some
completely new ideas are coming soon?

I'm new to GRUB development, I've just looked how to implement support
for ATA security commands in a bootloader, then found LUKS on “Summer of
code” page and thought it would be a great idea for GSoC to implement
both of them. But LUKS are already done and ATA-security is not that big
deal to be a project on it own.


——— Pavel Kretov.

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