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Re: [PATCH 08/18] efi: build xen.gz with EFI code

From: Andrew Cooper
Subject: Re: [PATCH 08/18] efi: build xen.gz with EFI code
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:54:03 +0000
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On 27/03/15 11:46, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 27.03.15 at 12:14, <address@hidden> wrote:
IIRC, MS ABI is supported starting from GCC v4.0.
Where did you find that? From all I know __attribute__((__ms_abi__))
is being supported only by 4.5 and newer. The mere support of the
MS ABI via command line option doesn't help us, as we need to be
able to mix ABIs within a single source file.


As I have indicated elsewhere (but can't seem to locate - it was a while ago), I think it is perfectly reasonable to have a CONFIG_EFI which is only enabled if the makefile detects GCC >= 4.5

That way, older build environments don't get EFI support, while newer ones do, and newer systems can safely use __attribute__((__ms_abi__)) to make a mixed abi binary.


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