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Be File System identified as bfs

From: Jeroen Oortwijn
Subject: Be File System identified as bfs
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 19:10:39 +0200


Currently Grub identifies the Be File System as 'bfs'.
In Linux however, 'bfs' refers to the Boot File System [1] and 'befs' refers to the Be File System.

As a result, the os-prober utility (which uses grub-probe) doesn't correctly recognize the Be File System. And because the grub-mkconfig utility uses os-prober to detect other operating systems, it will never add a Haiku installation to the Grub menu.

I see two ways of fixing this:
1) Modify Grub's Be File System module [2] to identify it as 'befs'.
2) Modify os-prober to assume 'befs' on Linux systems when grub-probe returns 'bfs'.

I would prefer option 1, but what are your thoughts?

Kind regards,

Jeroen Oortwijn


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