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RE: Changing default keyboard layout

From: Hervé Werner
Subject: RE: Changing default keyboard layout
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2015 02:31:06 +0200


After some tests on different boxes I found out that terminal_input at_keyboard does work well on some hardware :
- Dell laptop & tower : OK. Some keys doesn't respond (such as escape), but this may correspond to the "Unknown keyboard scan code" message
- Acer laptop : fails
- HP laptop : fails

So it may confirm a bios issue (please note that firmware is up-to-date on every box).

However I've also lost interest in this feature as my main usage was to be able to enter a LUKS password in my native language and unfortunately I found out despites that keymap works as intended on Dell computers, Grub2 still asks for password in us layout. AFAIU disk decryption is executed even before grub.cfg is read, so this might mean that the layout stuff has to be installed at early disk place.


From: address@hidden
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Subject: RE: Changing default keyboard layout
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 21:05:48 +0200

> To be sure - does it hang without at_keyboard as well?

No it doesn't with only the keymap line (but the layout is still us).

> First try to reproduce it without GUI - it is rather hard to see
> anything in this case. Just boot grub without any grub.cfg - you will be
> left in plain CLI. Now try
> insmod at_keyboard
> terminal_input at_keyboard

Hangs right after this last command.

> does it still work? If yes, try keymap /grub/layout.gkb; does it still work?
> and to be sure - could you send me your gkb file for test?

Sure you'll find it enclosed. Please also note that grub-kbdcomp is displaying the following warnings when creating the file :
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x54
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x65
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x7f

Thanks for your help.


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