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Mouse support for just the wheel and left button.

From: John Murphy
Subject: Mouse support for just the wheel and left button.
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2015 02:52:33 +0000

Hello and thanks for Grub. I use it daily.

I've seen questions regarding mouse support, but the answers imply that an
on-screen pointer is requested. I would find it very useful to be able to
use the mouse scroll wheel (which is just two switch clicks if I understand
correctly) to move up and down between entries, and one click on the left
mouse button to emulate pressing Enter.

All that would seem necessary is for wheel up-button to do up arrow, wheel
down-button - down arrow and left-button - Enter.

I have my own reasons for wanting the feature, but, while searching for
information, I saw that some users are finding their USB keyboard isn't
supported and they may have found simple mouse button and wheel support

It could also help those who usually use on-screen keyboards like the
quite excellent OnBoard.

I've joined the list, so no need to CC, thanks.

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