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How to receive notification of a new (disk) device being connected?

From: TJ
Subject: How to receive notification of a new (disk) device being connected?
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 14:03:27 +0100
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I'm currently finalising a patch that adds key-file support to cryptodisk::cryptomount and luks.

As well as being able to grub_device_iterate(hook,...) to search the existing devices for the key-file the code needs to wait for TIMEOUT seconds for additional (usually USB Mass Storage) devices to be connected and when they are search them for the key-file.

Is there an existing mechanism to receive such notifications, or a blocking call that returns if a device is connected or a timeout is hit?

Otherwise it looks like I'll have to track which devices are connected when the TIMEOUT loop is first entered, grub_sleep(), then grub_device_iterate() and see if the device list has any new entries.

Secondly: am I correct to think using grub_search_fs_file(keyfile_name, variable_name, ...) is the correct way to search for the key-file across all devices, or do I need to use a specific hint type to indicate all devices should be searched?

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