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man page improvements

From: Andrew Worsley
Subject: man page improvements
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 19:48:30 +1000

I would like to improve the man pages as they are very brief and not that helpful for in-experienced users who may be trying to do simple recoveries or setup from a recovery disk.

I have discovered that the manual pages are auto-generated via help2man from the command usage information.

So not wanting to waste my time or other people I thought I should ask about what would be acceptable prior to do significant work.

I understand that any extensions might create additional work for translators. 

I am suggesting either:

1. A generic top level man page "grub.1 "which you get by running "man grub" that gives a summary of all the commands plus a brief summary on how to perform basic install and recovery.


2. Extending the --help information of each command with a basic example or two of usage.



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