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Re: A black window pop out after I select a boot entry in grub2

From: Xen
Subject: Re: A black window pop out after I select a boot entry in grub2
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 20:29:55 +0200
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Xen schreef op 10-08-2016 19:57:

There is no interface where partitions are subdirectories of disks?
There is no /dev/disk/sda/1/

Once you had a consistent interface to reference such "names" it would become easier to make the jump to a user-friendly operating system in terms of any pre-boot environment, is all I am saying.

disk:<tab> to see all the disk drives would be very easy to teach people.

disk:a:1 as a reference to the first partition on the first disk?

It wouldn't be a directory, it would be a device node.

At the same time it could allow the initrd root filesystem and the target root filesystem to be referenced by different names.

Just an idea, I don't say it would be elegant right from the start.

But it would be a user-centric way of approaching things. These days people use "root symlinks" (e.g. ln -s /sys/kernel/debug /debug) for these things. That's not a proper use of the root directory. It should be tidy, not littered with symlinks and other stuff you can't find a place for. I think the current wax in the expansion of the root filesystem (root directory) entries is alarming.

/sys was recently added, /srv, /snap, /run, and your particular brand may have more. On a 64-bit system you have at least three /lib versions. It is getting out of hand.

It is not something you can really navigate in a GUI.

MacOS solves it by not going there anyway. You can do the same. For a proper GUI proper display of those "labels" would be most convenient I think.

In the pre-boot rescue environment you could consider mounting disks and partitions under consistent and predictable locations as well as being accessed by e.g. "target:/" or ":target/".

The current location could then be "rescue:/" as the actual path that you are at.

"mount disk:a:1 target:" could then be even nomenclature for mounting that partition under that name. The real mount point would then be /mounts/target or /mnt/target. disk:a:1 would just point to /dev/disk/a/1 or something of the kind.

What you get is a prefix in path names that will hopefully alleviate some confusion even as it could add more if not properly done.

Honestly I still think those drive letters were best although there is no way to enumerate them.

But adding labels and namespaced labels is a possibility. Coupled with a structured way of mounting things you could at least use them as shortcuts for getting there.


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