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Re: Grub module to return partuuid of a device such as (hd0, gpt1) at bo

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Grub module to return partuuid of a device such as (hd0, gpt1) at boot time
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 09:42:37 +0300
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14.08.2016 07:12, Michael Zimmermann пишет:
>> Not sure why, but whatever reply I chose Thunderbird and Gmail only
> reply to list.
> no idea about thunderbird but in GMail you have the small arrow beneath the
> reply buttons, click it and select "Reply to all".

Should I repeat - "Whatever reply [option] I chose"?

Actually list apparently sets

Reply-To: The development of GNU GRUB <address@hidden>

(TB helpfully does not show it in full headers ...).

Assuming that "Reply to all" is defined as "sender and all other
recipients" this behavior is also correct, as sender in Reply-To should
have precedence over sender in From.

Oh, and Gmail does not even offer "Reply to all" if message does not
have other recipients. Did you actually try it on any mail to this list?
This is different for other lists (e.g. help-grub), where Reply-To is
not set. BTW I have "Reply to all" as default in Gmail as I just found :)

This changed relatively recently. I wonder who did it and for what
reasons (I can of course imagine reasons).

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