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Re: Booting a system in a specific language

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Booting a system in a specific language
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2017 20:52:13 +0300
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04.02.2017 20:47, scootergrisen пишет:
> Den 04-02-2017 kl. 18:26 skrev Andrei Borzenkov:
>> 04.02.2017 20:04, scootergrisen пишет:
>>> I test out different Linux distributions and some distributions offer to
>>> select language during boot and some does not.
>>> It helps when i can select language and keyboard layout etc. during boot
>>> so i dont have to change the language etc. from inside GNOME or what
>>> ever.
>>> But does GRUB have anything to do about booting a system in a specific
>>> language or does each distribution modify GRUB to be able to change
>>> language.
>>> Some distributions seem to be able to change the language of the GRUB
>>> boot menu and some does not.
>> Internally GRUB supports l10n (reimplementation of gettext). Some
>> distributions install language catalogs; how they select them is
>> distribution-dependent. But grub-mkconfig and scripts that are shipped
>> with GRUB itself do not make use of this and emit strings in fixed
>> language, as set at the time grub-mkconfig runs so you cannot change
>> menu language without regenerating it. That would be something to
>> consider after 2.02 release.
>> As for keyboard layout, unfortunately only at_keyboard supports run-time
>> switch and it apparently has problems on real hardware. Default BIOS
>> input driver has fixed layout. There was proposed patch to implement
>> layouts on top of extended keyboard BIOS interface.
> For example if i try Ubuntu live image.
> I'm not sure if it uses GRUB but i think so.
> When the image starts and i press a button i can select language.
> And i get something that looks a bit like
> where you have F2 and F3 at the bottom to select language and keyboard
> layout.
> If i select my language the menus changes to my language and also the
> keyboard layout changes. This i really nice i think but it seems most
> distribution dont offer this on boot... so i have to use GRUB in english
> and change language when i get into GNOME or what ever.
> Where does this "F1 Help F2 Language F3 Keymap..." come from?

Most likely syslinux

> In Debian for example i have to manually type what language to start in
> and keymap to use and this is not so nice because first i have to
> remember what to type (cant use webbrowser to search for it) and
> different distributions seems to use different codes and also the menu
> during boot is in english and the keyboard layout is incorrect so it
> makes it harder to type in the codes like "=" and "_" and "-" because
> they are not on the correct places during boot.
> Basically i'm trying to help get Linux distributions better in my
> langauge so we can have danish translation from the beginning like the
> Ubuntu live image i tested.
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