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Re: Loading DSDT table using 'acpi' or some memory write command?

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: Loading DSDT table using 'acpi' or some memory write command?
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 19:32:11 +0300
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23.02.2017 19:00, Nando Eva пишет:
> Hi grub-devel, I'm endeavouring to pre-load a modified DSDT table 
> using grub2. The syntax I've tried being as shown below, after which 
> I chainload to Win10. This being done on a Dell E6540 with Win10 and 
> grub 2.02 (or older.. tried many versions, same result).
> acpi /efi/dsdt.amlacpi --load-table dsdt /efi/dsdt.amlchainloader 
> /efi/Boot/bootx64.efi Then I do 'acpidump -b' to peruse the DSDT 
> table. In all cases, it remains the same system BIOS one, not my 
> modified /efi/dsdt.aml one.
> I've also set 'set debug=all' and can see grub2 is reading my 
> modified dsdt file and doing memory writes. So two questions: 1. Is 
> 'acpi' not capable of loading a DSDT table for use with Win10?

It is supposed to do it. Could you test with explicit "acpi -(1|2)" to
force either version 1 or version 2 of tables.

> 2. if that is the case, is there some 'memload' or 'writefromfile' 
> type command where I give a memory address and a file which grub2
> can then write? The idea is simply to replace the existing DSDT at
> it's address with one given by the file of same size or smaller.
> Thank you,Nando

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