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Menu for booting BTRFS snapshots

From: Robert LeBlanc
Subject: Menu for booting BTRFS snapshots
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 14:40:50 -0700

I'm trying to add some menuentry items to move between btrfs
snapshots. I've added the following in the non-snapshot

menuentry 'RXE Snapshot' {
       load_env -f /snaps/rxe-boot/grub2/grubenv
       configfile /snaps/rxe-boot/grub2/grub.cfg

It loads the config for my RXE snapshot, but in doesn't select the
default menuentry as specified in the snapshot's grubenv. This makes
it so that it won't boot automatically into a snapshot kernel (I
created a 09_header file to add a noop menuentry that tells me I'm
using the RXE snapshot config and that is what is selected). It
doesn't matter if load_env is before or after configfile. Other than
this, it works as expected.

I don't think I can use chainload because it is a 'directory' on the
btrfs file system.

Any ideas on how to accomplish what I want?

Thank you,
Robert LeBlanc
PGP Fingerprint 79A2 9CA4 6CC4 45DD A904  C70E E654 3BB2 FA62 B9F1

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