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Re: debian-installer: please default to grub-ieee1275 on powerpc instead

From: Frank Scheiner
Subject: Re: debian-installer: please default to grub-ieee1275 on powerpc instead of yaboot
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 14:25:32 +0200
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On 09/21/2017 10:37 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
I have one POWER7 machine that has been provided to me by IBM for testing
purposes and to host one of our buildds. I have performed a test installation
of openSUSE Tumbleweed on it.

Here's the partitioning scheme that is being used:

(parted) p
Model: Virtio Block Device (virtblk)
Disk /dev/vda: 42.9GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags:

Number  Start   End     Size    Type     File system     Flags
  1      1049kB  2097kB  1049kB  primary                  boot, prep, type=41
  2      2097kB  2163MB  2161MB  primary  linux-swap(v1)  type=82
  3      2163MB  18.9GB  16.7GB  primary  btrfs           type=83
  4      18.9GB  42.9GB  24.0GB  primary  xfs             type=83


Interestingly, /boot is part of the btrfs filesystem:

linux-mfl2:~ # mount | grep boot
/dev/vda3 on /boot/grub2/powerpc-ieee1275 type btrfs 
linux-mfl2:~ #

Do we have information about how it looks (e.g. is it Grub by default and then, where is it installed?) for a POWER8 machine with Debian Stretch (ppc64le) installed from an installer image?

If also working for ppc64 and powerpc architecture machines that way it could be straight-forward to use the same method (with respective partitioning schemes for Apple and IBM machines) there, too.


I'm currently updating my Xserve G4 from Wheezy over Jessie to Sid. From where I will install Grub. I thought it would be useful to first check if what I described in [1] for ppc64 will also work for powerpc with the "latest" Grub.


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