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Re: [HELP] cryptomount is slow, what is the proper way to [PATCH] libgcr

From: tomli
Subject: Re: [HELP] cryptomount is slow, what is the proper way to [PATCH] libgcrypt-grub?
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 17:03:15 +0800
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> In GRUB SSE registers are disabled. If you want to use SSE, you need to
> make sure you enable them and that they are disabled again before kernel
> handoff

Thanks for the tip.
>> I have no idea about how to integrate my changes. For example, how to link
>> .c and .S assembly together in the same GRUB module by changing 
>> I can't understand. From some comments, modifications of libgcrypt itself
>> is not
>> allowed at all, and should do all the additional fixups?

> Yes, just put your version of libgcrypt there and rerun ./

I've added a .S file for the additional assembly code to be link with
sha512.c, but apparently doesn't know how to preprocess
this file:

    WARNING: unknown file sha512-sse2-x86.S

I've read but the preprocessing is pretty complicated.
What is the correct way to make my assembly code be recognized and
preprocessed as a grub module by the script?

Tom Li

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