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Re: A thread on grub-bug could need attention

From: Michel Bouissou
Subject: Re: A thread on grub-bug could need attention
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:38:03 +0100
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Le 30/01/2018 à 20:15, Thomas Schmitt a écrit :
> It also does not work when booting the ISO images which shall install
> the systems.
> E.g. debian-9.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso :
Yes. AFAIR I had tested all the latest (in december) standard
installation media for at least :
- Manjaro Cinnamon x64 (created either with dd or unetbootin)
- Mint Cinnamon x64 (created either with dd or unetbootin)
- Ubuntu 17.10
- Debian live
- Parted Magic (created with dd)
(and maybe a few more, see my first mails...)

- Manjaro Cinnamon after it being "normally" installed on a USB key
instead of an HD on another machine - and tested working.

None of them booted, all showed the same behaviour :
- The machine's UEFI BIOS displays the USB Key as « Windows bootloader »
(and the true on-HD Windows bootloader bears the same label)
- Selecting is causes the screen to go black with a cursor on the top
left and nothing else ever happens.

Now what works :
- rEFInd USB key (made with dd)
- Knoppix USB key (made with dd from DVD image)
- Tails USB key (both made with dd or from the Tails installer)
- Manjaro install key created with unetbootin THEN manually doctored to
remove grub and install syslinux instead.

- Plus the grub test keys you asked me to create and test in your
previous mails.

Interestingly, for "working" keys, the machines UEFI  displays the USB
key brand / model instead of « Windows bootloader »

Even more interesting, keys that do NOT work do not work either when
chained to from rEFInd (inserting both keys, booting on rEFInd then
chaining to the other key), with the same symptoms - where keys that
work, also work when performing the same test.

As I side note I'm currently packing for a trip to India and will be
unable to perform any further tests from next week to the end of
february (and will have very little time left for doing so before leaving)

Have a nice day :)


Michel Bouissou <address@hidden> OpenPGP ID 0xEB04D09C

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