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Re: A thread on grub-bug could need attention

From: Michel Bouissou
Subject: Re: A thread on grub-bug could need attention
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2018 22:56:26 +0100
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Le 01/02/2018 à 01:02, Thomas Schmitt a écrit :
> Michel - on his way to India - could zeroize 512-byte block 1 of the
> Debian Live ISO and then try to boot it from USB stick
>   dd if=/dev/zero conv=notrunc bs=512 seek=1 count=1 of=...image.or.stick...
> where "...image.or.stick..." mabe either something like debian-live-*.iso
> or /dev/sdc.
> This would further deface the GPT and possibly de-confuse the firmware.

I made it (with latest debian-gnome 9.3 live), and tested it OK on
*another* machine.

But on the machine where the problem is, it does *NOT* boot.

It does display the key brand/model (instead of "Windows boot manager")
but when selecting it, the punishment is as usual : black screen with
cursor, game over.

No grub message or output of any kind.


Michel Bouissou <address@hidden> OpenPGP ID 0xEB04D09C

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