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Developing a custom module

From: Ruslan R . Laishev
Subject: Developing a custom module
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 16:03:17 +0300

Hi There!
I developing a my own custom module to be used in the GRUB2 ...
This module is use UDP to talk with a remote server.
So I have checked grub-core/net and try to use a next initialization sequence :
    if ( status = grub_net_resolve_address("", &kdepo_ip) )
        return    grub_error(grub_errno, "grub_net_resolve_address() -> %d, errno = %d", status, grub_errno);
    /* Create UDP's context */
    if ( !( = grub_net_udp_open (kdepo_ip, 512, hook_recv, &nctx)) )
        return    grub_error(grub_errno, "grub_net_udp_open(), errno = %d", grub_errno);
Test run show me
grub_net_udp_open(), errno = 34
Is there some steps I'm need to performs additionaly to get access to netwrok stuff ?
С уважением,
Ruslan R. Laishev
OpenVMS bigot, natural born system/network progger, C contractor.

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