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Re: [PATCH] F2FS support

From: Pete Batard
Subject: Re: [PATCH] F2FS support
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2018 20:16:03 +0100
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Sorry Paul, but I'm going to have to decline both requests.

There's only so much time I am willing to sink in an effort to remove one .patch file from my downstream repository (which is literally the only reason I have been pushing for F2FS GRUB integration), and these extra requirements are a deal breaker for me.

If this result in this patch being dropped, so be it.



On 2018.03.31 21:47, Paul Menzel wrote:
Dear Pete,

Am Donnerstag, den 29.03.2018, 17:08 +0100 schrieb Pete Batard:
Thanks for reviewing the patch.
Here's a v2 that takes your comments into account.

Could you please make the commit message title a statement by adding a

Add F2FS support

Could you additionally add an example to the commit message, how to
test the support with QEMU? That would help me, test your patch.



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