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grub-mkconfig does not fsync() or sync() - can result in boot failure

From: Chris Murphy
Subject: grub-mkconfig does not fsync() or sync() - can result in boot failure
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 20:48:05 -0600


I've done a 'strace -ff -o stracegrub.out grub-mkconfig' and there is no fsync() or sync() at all, so this does not seem crash safe for either non-journaled or journaled file systems.

The most typical result is the grub.cfg is stale, the is truncated. This isn't in a state a lot of users will even understand, it's going to be a silent failure by booting an older kernel. And many distros hide the menu by default so a user would not know unless they go looking for a problem.

Note that fsync() is not adequate for journaled file systems, changes might only be in the journal which GRUB does not read, so it can still see stale data until kernel code does log replay and fixes up the file system for GRUB to read at the next reboot.

And there's a further adorable aspect of XFS where sync() behaves the same way, only log replay makes the file system consistent. ext4 and Btrfs appear to flush everything on sync().

XFS devs have insisted this is correct behavior, that the file system metadata is all on disk, and it's not their problem GRUB can't do log replay, if GRUB requires the log flushed, then it needs to call FIFREEZE/FITHAW. No joke.

Hence I filed this bug a few months ago.

Anyway, in my limited testing, just adding sync on the 3rd to last line of grub-mkconfig, right above

gettext "done" >&2

fixes this problem on all file systems except XFS, which is a lot better than nothing. I really don't think it's ok for grub-mkconfig to assume something else is going to properly sync, unmount, or remount-ro whatever file system the grub.cfg is being written to. grub-mkconfig needs to take responsibility for its own action, and ensure complete and full commit of its changes before exit.


Chris Murphy

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