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Re: [PATCH 1/1] grub-fs-tester: fix losetup race

From: Daniel Kiper
Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/1] grub-fs-tester: fix losetup race
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:33:56 +0200
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On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 06:34:04PM +0100, Will Thompson wrote:
> If something else on the system is using loopback devices, then the
> device that's free at the call to `losetup -f` may not be free in the
> following call to try to use it. Instead, find and use the first free
> loopback device in a single call to losetup.

In general LGTM except lack of SOB. I can add it (Signed-off-by: Will
Thompson <address@hidden>) before committing if you are OK with that.
Next time please do not forget about that.


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