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TPM/Verifiers testing bug?

From: Max Tottenham
Subject: TPM/Verifiers testing bug?
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 14:16:16 +0000
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Hi Folks

I was curious about the upstream work on the verifiers framework (and
the TPM patches). I have both a TPM 2.0 based system and a QEMU + swtpm
setup with which to test. I compiled the head of the master branch, if I
boot into the grub shell and run the following commands:

grub> insmod verifiers
grub> insmod tpm
grub> normal

I get a machine crash:

qemu-system-x86_64: Trying to execute code outside RAM or ROM at
This usually means one of the following happened:

(1) You told QEMU to execute a kernel for the wrong machine type, and it
crashed on startup (eg trying to run a raspberry pi kernel on a
versatilepb QEMU machine)
(2) You didn't give QEMU a kernel or BIOS filename at all, and QEMU
executed a ROM full of no-op instructions until it fell off the end
(3) Your guest kernel has a bug and crashed by jumping off into nowhere

This is almost always one of the first two, so check your command line
and that you are using the right type of kernel for this machine.
If you think option (3) is likely then you can try debugging your guest
with the -d debug options; in particular -d guest_errors will cause the
log to include a dump of the guest register state at this point.

Execution cannot continue; stopping here.

Software versions:
Qemu version:  v2.11.0           (0a0dc59)
OVMF git tag:  edk2-stable201811 (8558838)
swtpm git tag: tpm2-preview.v2   (f98592c)

Running the same on real hardware also produces a crash, any thoughts?

Max Tottenham       | address@hidden
Senior Software Engineer, Server Platform Engineering
/(* Akamai Technologies

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