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Re: [PATCH] sparc64: add bios boot partition support

From: Daniel Kiper
Subject: Re: [PATCH] sparc64: add bios boot partition support
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2019 11:52:41 +0100
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On Mon, Mar 04, 2019 at 05:34:01PM -0800, Eric Snowberg wrote:
> Add BIOS Boot Partition support for sparc64 platforms.  This will work a
> little different than x86.  With GPT, both the OBP "load" and "boot" commands
> are partition aware and neither command can see the partition table.  
> Therefore
> the entire boot-loader is stored within the BIOS Boot Partition and nothing
> is stored within the bootstrap code area of MBR.
> To use it, the end user will issue the boot command with the path pointing to
> the BIOS Boot Partition.
> For example with the disk below:
> Model: Unknown (unknown)
> Disk /dev/nvme1n1: 1600GB
> Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
> Partition Table: gpt
> Number  Start   End     Size    File system  Name  Flags
> 1      1049kB  1075MB  1074MB   ext3
> 2      1075MB  1076MB  1049kB                     bios_grub
> 3      1076MB  1600GB  1599GB                     lvm
> To boot grub2 from OBP, you would use:
> boot 
> /address@hidden/address@hidden/address@hidden/address@hidden/address@hidden/address@hidden:b
> Signed-off-by: Eric Snowberg <address@hidden>

Have you tested this patch on the other platforms?
If yes then I am OK with the patch.


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