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Re: cryptodisk enabled returns to rescue prompt

From: Jason Kushmaul
Subject: Re: cryptodisk enabled returns to rescue prompt
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2019 21:44:31 -0400

I'm sending this in a new thread using `git format-patch`

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 12:48 AM Jason Kushmaul <address@hidden> wrote:

I'm new to the list.  I've been working on this myself for personal reasons.  I think this should be viewed as an accessibility issue, not as a convenience.  Those that have motor impairments have a very difficult time booting their machines without a reboot, or rescue.

Please see my patch attached which adds documentation, configuration, and implementation.  The patch is against master (4e7b5bb3be69633ed860cb74b0ef2c84a839523d) but I can change that if you like.
I tested this in a virtualbox.

If a more formal request is needed, I prepared this before finding this existing post:

Add LUKS full disk encryption passphrase retry config and logic, providing accessibility to people with motor impairments, Parkinson's, etc.

As of master (4e7b5bb3be69633ed860cb74b0ef2c84a839523d), I've found no other tickets mentioning this.

When cryptodisk attempts to recover the key, it asks for the passphrase, just once.  You are required to reboot, or know how to recover grub yourself manually.

Many people enjoy the confidence of encrypting their full disk, including /boot. However, for those who may be plagued with motor impairment, shaking of hands, twitches in the fingers as they type, one would have severe barriers to enjoying that same level of security due to bneing required to type a passphrase once, and getting it right without having to reboot again.

I know there is a concern for security.  This configuration would default to 1 attempt as it is today, and those who chose, may choose any amount they like up to 256.  Defaulting to 1 will maintain exactly the same behavior for users upgrading.

* Setup
* Observation

* Encrypt the full disk using luks so that the /boot is contained in luks disk.
* Use a passphrase 32 characters long with an equal distribution of [0-9a-zA-Z] and specials.
* Boot and wait for passphrase prompt.

Enter the incorrect password and hit enter.  You are not asked to retry, or allowed to configure it before install  of grub on the full disk crypto setup.  You must then type the full blown steps to ask again, or simply CTL-ALT-DEL and wait 45 more seconds...

With the patches, one can configure with a "-t" and a number of retry attempts.  They will see the same prompt, see a notification about key recovery in progress, and if incorrect, another message stating such, but then be prompted again on failure.

Those with motor impairments have a barrier preventing them from enjoying  LUKS full disk encryption with strong passphrases.  Causing them a need to reboot until correct.

This is easy to reproduce, but a little more difficult to realize how people with impaired motor function would struggle.

The changes in this patch offer a configurable way to increase the number of attempts from 1, to any number <= 256, but maintains the default behavior as all users expect, which is just 1 attempt.

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