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Re: phantom drives in GRUB on Apple Macbook Pro

From: Toomas Soome
Subject: Re: phantom drives in GRUB on Apple Macbook Pro
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 20:46:59 +0200


APFS is not just stand alone partition, APFS is container for subvolumes 
(vendor media paths) - like having partition table inside the partition. It 
sounds like grub is sorting them out wrong.


> On 30. Nov 2019, at 19:02, Chris Murphy <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> First reported on Btrfs list, because I'm pretty sure it's a related factor
> Hardware:
> Macboo Pro 8,2 (2001)
> (1) Samsung SSD drive
> (1) internal DVD-ROM drive
> (2) USB 2, nothing external connected but built-in keyboard shows up
> as USB device
> (1) wired ethernet
> firmware,
> GRUB 2.04-3.fc32.x86_64 (Fedora Rawhide GRUB)
> SSD partition layout:
> 1 FAT32 EFI system partition (unused)
> 2 APFS (macOS)
> 3 HFS+ (used as ESP by Fedora)
> 4 Btrfs, sysroot
> 5 swap
> 6 Btrfs, sysroot
> That is, partitions 4 and 6 are member devices for the Btrfs used as
> system root, using single profile for both metadata and data. The
> typical case is partition 4 alone is used for sysroot, but it started
> to get full so instead of deleting a bunch of stuff I just added
> partition 6 to the Btrfs volume. Following a kernel update is when the
> GRUB errors show up. I have no proof yet but I think there's more than
> one thing going on, interacting with each other.
> Shaky cam video of the boot is here:
> a. Pretty sure the h0, hd1, hd2, hd3, hd4 phantom drives have been
> present for some time, not new in 2.04
> b. The "failure reading sector" error by efidisk.c is something that
> only showed up soon after adding sda6 to Btrfs sysroot, and
> immediately after installing a new kernel while it was in this two
> device volume state.
> c. This system has been in this state before (months ago) and
> immediately after removing the 2nd btrfs device, the failure errors
> went away - although I'm still fairly sure the phantom GRUB hdX
> devices were present. Nevertheless I have no proof the two device
> Btrfs is related, and isn't just a coincidence.
> Photos of "lsefi" output
> -- 
> Chris Murphy
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