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Re: master fails to create moddep.lst, related to luks2 changes

From: Olaf Hering
Subject: Re: master fails to create moddep.lst, related to luks2 changes
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2020 17:28:37 +0100

On Tue, Mar 03, Paul Menzel wrote:

> Please bisect the problem to found out the commit introducing the build 
> regression in your environment.

git bisect start
# bad: [d5a32255de0e073881980fca0262000c865b30dd] misc: Make grub_strtol() 
"end" pointers have safer const qualifiers
git bisect bad d5a32255de0e073881980fca0262000c865b30dd
# good: [4e75b2ae313b13b5bfb54cc5e5c53368d6eb2a08] sparc64: Fix BIOS Boot 
Partition support
git bisect good 4e75b2ae313b13b5bfb54cc5e5c53368d6eb2a08
# good: [528938d503088ce0e2fe7d83f8f711efefaed0fd] json: Import upstream 
git bisect good 528938d503088ce0e2fe7d83f8f711efefaed0fd
# bad: [8c2c35dcc027a77aee48de89093d8770de0a8cf8] kern: Add %X option to printf 
git bisect bad 8c2c35dcc027a77aee48de89093d8770de0a8cf8
# bad: [365e0cc3e7e44151c14dd29514c2f870b49f9755] disk: Implement support for 
git bisect bad 365e0cc3e7e44151c14dd29514c2f870b49f9755
# good: [9fbdec2f6b4fa8b549daa4d49134d1fe89d95ef9] bootstrap: Add gnulib's 
base64 module
git bisect good 9fbdec2f6b4fa8b549daa4d49134d1fe89d95ef9
# good: [dd3f49b106497416d4da557e8d583e1e9d6f2357] luks: Move configuration of 
ciphers into cryptodisk
git bisect good dd3f49b106497416d4da557e8d583e1e9d6f2357
# first bad commit: [365e0cc3e7e44151c14dd29514c2f870b49f9755] disk: Implement 
support for LUKS2

This is always a clean build.

Full logfile at
# curl

Where is grub_debug_malloc/grub_debug_free supposed to come from?


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