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Re: Patch to add newer i386 modinfo types

From: Eric McCorkle
Subject: Re: Patch to add newer i386 modinfo types
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2020 21:54:19 -0400
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Here's a first attempt at a patch that adds the code necessary to pass
the EFI framebuffer info into the FreeBSD kernel.  I have tested this
successfully on real hardware.

On 4/4/20 6:57 PM, Eric McCorkle wrote:
> I'm working on trying to get GRUB to properly set up the EFI framebuffer
> info for the freebsd kernel.
> This is a patch to one of the includes that adds updates the modinfo
> types to match the FreeBSD kernel sources.  Hopefully the EFI
> framebuffer patch will come shortly.
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