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ZSTD support for SquashFS module ?

From: Marc Beninca
Subject: ZSTD support for SquashFS module ?
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 22:08:19 +0200


I recently migrated from xz to zstd for my squashfs files,
and from GRUB version 2.02 to version 2.04,
which was the occasion for me to notice that :
– the zstd module has been implemented
  – the btrfs module uses it for zstd compressed volumes
  – but the squash4 module doesn't for zstd compressed images

Is there any plan in the development roadmap to make
squash4 module support zstd compressed squashfs files?

(which would avoid current need to keep extracted vmlinuz/initrd.img files,
in addition to the squashfs system image, to be able to call linux/initrd)

Thank you in advance.

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