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How to submit patches and patchsets via grub-devel

From: Hans Ulrich Niedermann
Subject: How to submit patches and patchsets via grub-devel
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 16:20:48 +0200


as I am continuing to flood this mailing list with patches, I am
realizing that I am missing some general rules for how things work on
grub-devel. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by that.

Anyway, here are a few questions I am beginning realize I should know
the answers to before posting patches to grub-devel:

  * What to put into the cover letter (git send-email --compose)?

  * How to format commit messages?

  * What about those special lines within commit messages?

      * Signed-off-by:
      * Reviewed-by:

    Who adds these special lines and when? If Daniel replies to me
    posting a patch with "Reviewed-by: Daniel", does that mean I should
    include that in my next iteration of that patch? Does it mean
    Daniel approves of the patch and plans to merge it to master
    himself with or without adding the Reviewed-by by himself?

    Are there other special lines I need to be aware of?

  * How are reviews done? Is there a formal definition of preconditions
    which must be satisfied before something is actually committed to
    the master branch?

I presume a good place to write those down for grub would be
docs/grub-dev.texi. I had not intended to touch grub-dev.texi much
before 2.06, but apparently this needs to be done first so I can
properly do the other things for 2.06. Am I wrong in this presumption
and just missing the place where the general rules on how to contribute
patches are written down?

Anyway, when I am finding out what those rules are I can start
writing them down without much additional effort, starting with what
Daniel replied to me in

Please add to this list if you notice something missing from it, so I
can collect all that, write it up for docs/grub-dev.texi and post a
patch updating docs/grub-dev.texi in a week or two.

So, here are the "how to submit patches via grub-devel" rules so far:

  * If you post more than one patch, create a cover email
    (git send-email --compose ...).

  * Create a new email thread for a new patchset. Do not attach it
    to existing email threads.

  * If you need to repost a patchset, repost the whole series of
    patches as a new email thread instead of just reposting some
    individual patches.

Thanks for your help.


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