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Call to grub_file_read fails in grub_multiboot_load_elf64

From: Chris Plant
Subject: Call to grub_file_read fails in grub_multiboot_load_elf64
Date: Sun, 03 May 2020 21:17:50 +0100
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I'm fairly new to grub coding, and I'm trying to get multiboot2 working
on the arm64-efi target for an OS project. However, I'm running up
against an issue with a call to grub_file_read from
grub_multiboot_load_elf64 around line 170 in multiboot_elf.c.  This
causes a synchronous error (esr 0x96000045) which is a Data Abort
caused by a translation error in the level 1 table during a write.

At first I thought it was that the load address in the ELF header (this
is used as a "target" in the relocator_alloc_chunk_addr) was the issue,
but tweaking that around doesn't seem to change any issue.

Does anyone have any experience with the ARM64-EFI target or the
multiboot2 code who could help me understand where the issue is?


Chris Plant

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