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[PATCH] docs: Fix build dependency for

From: Hans Ulrich Niedermann
Subject: [PATCH] docs: Fix build dependency for
Date: Sat, 16 May 2020 06:12:30 +0200

The target depends on fdl.texi just like
does, so also requires the definition of that
dependency in grub_dev_TEXINFOS just as grub_TEXINFOS provides

Signed-off-by: Hans Ulrich Niedermann <address@hidden>

diff --git a/docs/ b/docs/
index 93eb39627..e110ea9f9 100644
--- a/docs/
+++ b/docs/
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects
 # AM_MAKEINFOFLAGS = --no-split --no-validate
 info_TEXINFOS = grub.texi grub-dev.texi
 grub_TEXINFOS = fdl.texi
+grub_dev_TEXINFOS = fdl.texi
 EXTRA_DIST = font_char_metrics.png font_char_metrics.txt

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