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Request for a feature

From: Brian Kaye
Subject: Request for a feature
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:33:49 +0000

I have been able to have grub2 display a background image on my fedora linux 
system. It works as long as I don't use secure boot. After I have my selection 
the image remains on the screen until the boot is complete and I see a login 
screen. Fedora adds a spinner during this process. What I would like to see is 
the framebuffer cleared to black (zeroed??) similar to the code in 

if (grub_gfxterm_background.bitmap)
      grub_video_bitmap_destroy (grub_gfxterm_background.bitmap);
      grub_gfxterm_background.bitmap = 0;
      grub_gfxterm_background.blend_text_bg = 0;

      /* Mark whole screen as dirty.  */
      grub_gfxterm_schedule_repaint ();

Just don't know where to put the code and what the real code would be.  

Further to this it might be nice to have an image for each of the choices in 
the grub menu which gets displayed when the menu item is selected.



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