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Ugly password prompt with whole-disk-encryption

From: Jason LoCascio
Subject: Ugly password prompt with whole-disk-encryption
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 16:54:08 +0100
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Following the guide here :

I have successfully setup a fully encrypted disk, including the
instructions to set things up so the disk password is only prompted for

However, this seems to mean that when the machine starts, and GRUB
runs, the code in luks.c runs with :

  grub_printf_ (N_("Enter passphrase for %s%s%s (%s): "), source->name,
               source->partition ? "," : "", tmp ? : "",

which then shows the really ugly 1970s-style text (attached pic).

Could this be somehow tweaked to deliver the same interface that you
get when the /boot partition is NOT encrypted, and you get a nice
themed GUI prompt ?

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