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[PATCH 00/10] Cryptodisk fixes for v2.06 redux

From: Glenn Washburn
Subject: [PATCH 00/10] Cryptodisk fixes for v2.06 redux
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2020 16:45:53 -0500

This series is meant to address concerns Daniel had for patches 3, 4, 8, and 9
of Daniel's series with subject "[PATCH 0/9] Cryptodisk fixes for v2.06". These
were patches authored by me and which Daniel handed back for me to take the lead
in getting accepted. This series warrants a new thread because several patches
were split and new patches have been added to addresses suggestions from Daniel.

The comments from Daniel can be seen in the following ML messages:

Patches 1 and 2 are equivalent to patch 3 of the previous series, which was
split into patch 1 which fixed the indexing and error message bugs and patch 2
which improves readability of the code. Patch 3 is new and related to patches
1 and 2. It uses the keyslot number that cryptsetup understand when displaying
the keyslot to the user.

Patch 4 has not changed from patch 4 of the previous series, except the adding
of a line in the commit mesage mentioning the removal of the empty statement.
Daniel's suggestion to rename total_length to total_sectors is implemented in
patch 8. The other two suggestions, handling partial LUKS2 sectors and
grub_strtoull() errors, I don't believe warrant action as I argued in more
detail here:

Patch 5 has also not changed from the equivalent patch 8 of the previous series,
but a more detailed commit message has been added per Daniel's suggestion.

Patch 6, previously patch 9, has been updated to change how the IV is updated
for plain and plain64 modes. This change is functionally equivalent to the
previous patch, but more easy to understand. A comment has been added to aid
that end. Also, the commit message was changed to be less confusing.

Patch 7 comes out of a suggestion by Daniel in the previous patch 9. Some
numerical literals are replaced with macros to compute those values. The
appropriately named macros aid in understanding the code. Note: I have not
functionally tested this as it affects mostly geli encrypted volumes which are
on *BSD, which I do not use. The code compiles, and I expect it to work, but I
would appreciate any *BSD geli users to verify that this still works for them.

Patches 8, 9, and 10 make no functional changes to the code. They solely rename
some identifiers. Patch 8 as mentioned above, was suggested by Daniel. Patches
9 and 10 are in the same vein in that they aid in the understanding of the code
by more accurately describing what the identifiers represent.

Glenn Washburn (10):
  luks2: Fix use of incorrect index and some grub_error() messages.
  luks2: Improve readability in luks2_get_keyslot.
  luks2: Use more intuitive keyslot key instead of index when naming
  luks2: grub_cryptodisk_t->total_length is the max number of device
    native sectors
  cryptodisk: Fix cipher IV mode 'plain64' always being set as 'plain'.
  cryptodisk: Properly handle non-512 byte sized sectors.
  cryptodisk: Replace some literals with constants in
  cryptodisk: Rename total_length field in grub_cryptodisk_t to
  cryptodisk: Rename offset in grub_cryptodisk_t to offset_sectors.
  luks2: Rename source disk variabled named 'disk' to 'source' as in

 grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c | 78 +++++++++++++++++++---------------
 grub-core/disk/geli.c       |  4 +-
 grub-core/disk/luks.c       |  9 ++--
 grub-core/disk/luks2.c      | 84 ++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 include/grub/cryptodisk.h   | 18 ++++++--
 include/grub/types.h        |  3 ++
 6 files changed, 116 insertions(+), 80 deletions(-)


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