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linker overlap when building xen target

From: AL13N
Subject: linker overlap when building xen target
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 16:54:17 +0200
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I'm a mageia packager, and I was interested in packaging grub-2.02 with x86_64-xen target.

unfortuntely, when compiling kernel.exec, I got an overlap error:

the command line in question was: , so, i've seen the Makefile code and apparently all xen targets have the -Ttext=0 (other targets have different values, so i'm assuming it's on purpose)

(i did add the verbose and map arguments)

the map file contains: .

I've seen the startup.S (which is the kern/x86_64/xen/kernel_exec-startup.o )?


(i'm assuming the padding to local stack is for security purposes) and or host/guest seperation.

I had assumed the idea (for the -Ttext=0 ) would be to have the first 0x400000 bytes be the startup.S ? but maybe i'm wrong.

the internal linker script does make everything start after 0x400000 , but this means that since the text starts at 0 and the .bcc is 0x400000 in size that the other linked code will just conflict with like the stuff .

I've noticed that the binutils linker allows overlap in some cases, maybe that was changed since the original design of the xen target?

In any case, I would appreciate some help/insight in this.


AL13N (I had asked on IRC, but they referred me to here)

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