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Re: Antw: [EXT] [systemd-devel] [SPECIFICATION RFC] The firmware and boo

From: Rasmus Villemoes
Subject: Re: Antw: [EXT] [systemd-devel] [SPECIFICATION RFC] The firmware and bootloader log specification
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 09:57:25 +0100
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On 16/11/2020 08.02, Ulrich Windl wrote:
>>>> Daniel Kiper <> schrieb am 14.11.2020 um 00:52 in
> Nachricht <>:
> ...
>> The members of struct bf_log_msg:
>>   ‑ size: total size of bf_log_msg struct,
>>   ‑ ts_nsec: timestamp expressed in nanoseconds starting from 0,
> Who or what defines t == 0?

Some sort of "clapperboard" log entry, stating "the RTC says X, the
cycle counter is Y, the onboard ACME atomic clock says Z, I'm now
starting to count ts_nsec from W" might be useful for some eventual
userspace tool to try to stitch together the log entries from the
various stages. I have no idea how a formal spec of such an entry would
look like or if it's even feasible to do formally. But even just such
entries in free-form prose could at least help a human consumer.


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