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GRUB 2.06 is out - what next?

From: Daniel Kiper
Subject: GRUB 2.06 is out - what next?
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2021 19:58:18 +0200
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Hi all,

As you may saw the GRUB 2.06 is out! This means, among others, code
unfreeze... :-) I am going to start reviewing all the patches which are
lingering in my mailbox since 2020 in July (yeah, this year if somebody
wants to ask ;-) ). I will be going backwards. So, I will be looking at
the latest patches first. If you think some patches are more important
than others please reply to this email. I will try to take your voice
into account. I hope I will be able to clear whole backlog by the end of
this year. Of course your help is appreciated. Especially if you feel
you are able to review a given set of patches. This should offload me
a bit. In parallel I will be looking at the new patches which will be
posted on the grub-devel. This way we should avoid new backlog in the

Additionally, I will be working on improving the GRUB governance,
testing, etc. This, of course, requires a lot of help from you too. So,
expect I will be approaching you directly in the following months and
asking for help in this and that...

Last but not least, you may expect next release in first half of 2022.

Stay tuned...


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