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Re: [] zisofs test looks unsuitable

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [] zisofs test looks unsuitable
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 09:34:52 +0200


Glenn Washburn wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken, there is currently no test which actually
> exercises that code, ie no test runs "grub-fs-tester ziso9660". I think
> it could be a good idea to have one though.

So we should get this to work. zisofs can be helpful to squeeze more
operating system into a size limited ISO image.

> However, when attempting to run the test manually, I'm getting a
> failure probably related to what you've found.
> $ ./grub-fs-tester ziso9660
> [...]
> xorriso : FAILURE : -volid: Text too long (1650 > 32)

This is something different.
"-volid" is the native xorriso command that's behind mkisofs emulation
option -V. In
i see


which is also used with the case x"iso9660").

So i assume that it is not curbed to 32 bytes by the code after line 315

  # FS LIMITATION: afs and iso9660 label is at most 32 UTF-8 characters

It seems that line 317 should be extended by a new line 318

-                     | xiso9660_1999 | xrockridge_1999 | 
+                     | xiso9660_1999 | xrockridge_1999 | 
+                     | xziso9660)

The comment speaks of "32 UTF-8 characters" but it must be at most 32 bytes.
(Wisely the code does not truncate the long UTF-8 string but rather creates
a new string, which seems to have 31 bytes. I'm unsure whether my desktop
properly copies and pastes those [02F 99x] characters from line 318.)

Have a nice day :)


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