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Re: [PATCH] Remove HFS support

From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Remove HFS support
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 19:21:14 +0200
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On 8/30/22 18:37, Robbie Harwood wrote:
As the person currently responsible for the Red Hat tree: I am also not
happy about this state of affairs.

I don't want to sound rude, but GRUB isn't a RedHat-only project, it's a
community project. So, while I understand RH's point of view, I would also
like to ask you to see other people's perspectives.

If a use case is to be supported, someone needs to actually do the leg
work to support it.  Bug reports are all well and good, but if no one's
actually able to fix them, they're just making a pile that's in the way.

Vladimir has asked multiple times for bug reports on the issues and he said,
he would fix them. I also offered that we do a crowd-funding campaign to
fund the development. I would be happy to throw in some money as well.

So, if we could get some report on what needs to be addressed, that would
be great.


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