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Re: [Regression] efi: Don't display a uefi-firmware entry if it's not su

From: Philip Müller
Subject: Re: [Regression] efi: Don't display a uefi-firmware entry if it's not supported
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 00:07:33 +0200

On 30.08.22 23:34, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
You could add a feature flag, which causes grub-core to set an
environment variable when a new feature is supported. See the features
array in grub-core/normal/main.c.

You would then check for this feature flag in the grub.d snippet
before calling fwsetup --is-supported.

Please don't. As mentioned, I think we should aim to simplify the grub.cfg
instead of making it more complicated.

Well I think it would be the best approach to add backward compatibility as most users don't even know on how to install grub via grub-install. That is done via the graphical installer Calamares on most Arch-based Distributions. Updating the grub menu is common if you install multiple kernels or use snapshots via BTRFS.

Simply calling 'fwsetup' is a big NO-NO to me and others. The old version runs into the EFI firware or simply turn off the PC during boot, which creates boot loops for some or unbootable systems.

I checked on my end with an older grub in /boot and the updated menu.cfg script. Only when removing the snippet of 30_uefi-firmware the system is bootable again.

Also social media is slowly picking up that issue:

Best, Philip

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