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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-14, created. releas

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-14, created. release_1-9-14
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 21:16:42 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, release_1-9-14 has been created
        at  b9313ab6e0e3e8faff050665188f293e5fbc89b2 (tag)
   tagging  7bc8b4afa2d67a89372e28fdf65cae8c5aab5997 (commit)
  replaces  release_1-9-13
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Fri Dec 17 21:57:50 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 1.9.14 (beta).
Version: GnuPG v2.0.16 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (12):
      Extend the #:replace list of the SRFI 69 module
      Use a fluid for the list of the reader's "hash procedures"
      Add implementation of SRFI 38
      Allow specifying load extensions on the command line
      Allow user-defined meta-commands
      Fix missing port-table locking and bytevector output port segfault
      Turn `(rnrs io ports)' into an R6RS library
      Reorganize the R6RS I/O condition types
      Work towards a more complete implementation of `(rnrs io ports)'
      Add implementation of "transcoded ports"
      Some tweaks to the R6RS support
      Get rid of `define-macro' in the SRFI 26 implementation

Andy Wingo (123):
      import uri.scm from tekuti, from guile-www
      web/uri: reimplement for rfc 3986, add tests
      _scm GUILE_USE_64_CALLS compilation warning fix
      uninitialized var in scm_read_character
      more -Wundef on darwin fixes
      rdelim cleanups
      URI parsing errors throw to `uri-error'
      add HTTP module
      add HTTP request module
      add HTTP response module
      add toy web server
      fix up toy-server error handling
      unparse-uri avoids serializing e.g. :80 in http:// uris
      call-with-error-handling pass-keys w/ procedural handlers fix
      more (web http) exports for parsing request components
      add request-meta
      add generic web server with http-over-tcp backend
      remove (web toy-server)
      NUL vs NULL fix
      (web http) parses content-type as "foo/bar", not "foo" "bar"
      add extend-response.
      flesh out (web server)'s sanitize-response
      fix string->number for bases > 16
      syntax-violation uses lambda*, throws a structured message
      ecmascript syntax errors throw to 'syntax-error
      remove syntax-error and call-with-compile-error-catch from compile.scm
      add proper pretty-printing for syntax errors
      fix the C syntax-error pretty-printer
      adapt tests to new syntax-error form
      deprecate cuserid
      repl.scm displays syntax errors on read as well
      fix ecmascript at the repl
      more ecmascript testing
      add source-location->source-properties to lalr
      ecmascript tokenization errors report source location
      better errors for ecmascript parser too
      lower-case hexadecimal digits again
      repl read/write using current ports, not captured ports
      read-set! takes effect at expand time
      numbers.test expects lower-case hexadecimals
      add `reload-module' to boot-9
      fix a number of assumptions that a pointer could fit into a long
      simpos tweak
      fix a number of assuptions that a long could hold an inum
      relax sizeof(long) restriction in
      make module definition procedure more structured
      scm_c_define_module uses define-module*
      define-module compiles to define-module*
      deprecate process-define-module
      fix string-filter and string-delete argument order
      bump objcode version
      announce flex version in
      fix up a couple content-length issues in web/server.scm:sanitize-response
      fix web server bugs
      fix regexp matches to refer to chars, not bytes
      stub fixes to http 1.0 support in the web server
      http web server impl ignores SIGPIPE
      add simple web app examples
      (web server) supports non-utf-8 charsets
      indentation fix in ports.c
      better socket buffering on http web server backend
      add some debugging to (web server)
      sxml->xml writes directly to a port
      sxml->xml fix
      scm_accept no longer leaves guile mode
      no need for fport_fill_input to select() before read()
      add (ice-9 poll), a poll wrapper
      ASYNC_TICK after catching EINTR in SCM_SYSCALL
      (web server) punts keep-alive to impls; http server uses (ice-9 poll)
      reverse order of poll-set traversal in http-read
      web server micro-tuning
      remove redundant error-handling block
      http server impl reads body as a bytevector by default
      read-delimited is clearer and conses less
      make-string et al nulls memory if not given an initializer
      fix error handling in read-{request,response}-body/latin-1
      (web server http) comment
      http doesn't keep-alive requests for which there was an error
      more robustness in http-read
      fix entity tag writing
      leniency regarding quality values in http.scm
      update read-delimited! docs
      fix read-{request,response}-body/latin-1
      fix name...
      ice-9 poll handles buffered io too
      http-read calls setvbuf only once
      scm_setvbuf doesn't throw away current buffers
      better unbound variable errors in the vm
      clarify compile-glil error messages
      fix self-tail-calls for lexical procs with optional, rest, or kwargs
      rnrs control only depends on (guile)
      add return/values hack to compile-glil for lua
      (web uri) can uri-decode non-utf-8 payloads
      http-read robustness
      1.9.13 news to main body
      foreign: c-struct parsing simplification
      fix testing code in web/server
      fix bugs in primitive-poll
      update NEWS
      document (web uri), and simplify uri-encode
      (web http) docstrings
      docstrings in (web request) and (web response)
      (web server) docstrings
      add web.texi to manual
      update web.texi
      fix web.texi
      better cache-control: private, no-cache parsing
      http: lists of header names parse better
      add section on format of parsed http headers
      more web.texi work
      update NEWS
      update web-response tests for http header parsing change
      build-response validates headers
      more web.texi "hacking"
      multicast manual updates
      rename make-undefined-fluid to make-unbound-fluid
      document make-unbound-fluid et al
      document variable-unset!
      add ,reload meta-command and document it and reload-module
      guile-user has no filename
      update NEWS
      fix unbound fluid tests
      add www-commit rule in doc/ref

Brian Templeton (25):
      make guile-test work without configuration
      unbound fluids
      autoload compile-file in (guile-user)
      whitespace changes
      reformat comments
      make `pass-if-equal' literal in `compile-test'
      use tree-il's support for optional arguments
      use existing bindings record for defmacro
      store macro definitions in the function slot
      handle EOF correctly in parser and lexer
      Ignore #:warnings compiler option
      new `load' subr
      allow fluid macro bindings
      make user-defined macros available at runtime
      update elisp reader tests to handle EOF tokens
      store special operators in the function slot
      use correct names for quasiquotation operators
      setq can take any number of arguments
      support "#'" syntax for function expressions
      allow `(setcar nil nil)' and `(setcdr nil nil)'
      function's argument can be a symbol
      use unbound fluids instead of `void' sentinel value
      lexical function binding for elisp

Julian Graham (4):
      Improve performance of R6RS records implementation
      Fix buffer over-read in port encoding scan.
      Add exports for missing functions from `(rnrs base)'.
      Enumeration set universe comparisons should be done with `equal?'

Ludovic Courtès (45):
      configure: Don't needlessly augment $LIBS (and $GUILE_LIBS.)
      Add `Libs.private' to the `.pc' files.
      Tweak `-Wunused-variable' and `-Wunused-toplevel' for special names.
      Augment `'.
      Have "frisk" recognize `#:use-module' and `#:autoload'.
      Fix typo in the (system base lalr) documentation.
      Improve handling of read macros in `pretty-print'.
      pretty-print: Suitably indent macro-related constructs.
      Fix `reader.test'.
      FFI: Honor alignment constraints in `parse-c-struct'.
      Have `parse-c-struct' and `make-c-struct' support `int', pointers, etc.
      Add FFI support for `short' and `unsigned short'.
      Add FFI tests for `sizeof' and structs.
      Add `SCM_GNUC_PREREQ'.
      Move `with-test-prefix/c&e' to `(test-suite lib)'.
      Use the `with-test-prefix/c&e' for the `1+' and `1-' tests.
      Add optimized tagged integer addition/subtractions for x86_64.
      Add fixnum arithmetic benchmarks.
      Optimize fixnum comparison.
      Include <alloca.h> wherever `alloca' is used.
      Fix incorrect uses of en-dashes and em-dashes in the intro.
      Use `define-module*' in (ice-9 history).
      Honor R6RS transcoder error handling modes, when possible.
      Fix `regexp.test' when the "en_US.utf8" locale isn't available.
      Add bindings to GNU `sched_setaffinity' and `sched_getaffinity'.
      Add `(ice-9 futures)'.
      Add a record type printer for vlists/vhashes.
      Build dlopenable modules with `-module'.
      Use Gnulib's `nproc'.
      Temporarily fix `' to allow compilation with `-Wundef'.
      Improve doc of `getaffinity' and `setaffinity'.
      Add `total-processor-count' and `current-processor-count'.
      Use `current-processor-count' to determine the number of future-workers.
      Add `compose', `negate', and `const'.
      Inline `scm_is_string'.
      Fix `hash' for pointer objects.
      Rehash weak hash tables less frequently.
      futures: Fix potential deadlock.
      futures: Support multiple-value returns.
      Implement `(ice-9 threads)' high-level constructs in terms of futures.
      Remove conflicting `scm_is_string' declaration.
      Clarify doc regarding threading of `par-map' and `par-for-each'.
      futures: Store pending futures in a queue.
      Tweak `NEWS'.
      Bump version number for 1.9.14.

Michael Gran (2):
      need read error for extra closing square brackets
      Use ellipsis character in truncated pretty-print of sequences

Mike (1):
      pretty-print print-sequence width error

Neil Jerram (9):
      Fix manual typo
      Promote regex doc out of the `Simple Data Types' section
      Add ref to new location for regex doc
      Manual sections don't need a page break before
      Finish adding api-regex.texi
      Expression-oriented readline history
      Minor textual markups
      Merge `tutorial' and `reference' treatments of the same basic GOOPS
      Put `figures' into standard texinfo form

Tristan Colgate-McFarlane (2):
      Fix detection of struct ip_mreq
      Add support for more multicast sockopts.


GNU Guile

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