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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-15, created. releas

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-15, created. release_1-9-15
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2011 21:23:28 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, release_1-9-15 has been created
        at  c41f7f8825258446ba6a37b5670c8784c54c6f0e (tag)
   tagging  9da40741891e7b7d11b75f3b1bc78361a8ba2c7a (commit)
  replaces  release_1-9-14
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Feb 2 22:12:50 2011 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 1.9.15 (beta).
Version: GnuPG v2.0.16 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (1):
      Fix `show' REPL meta-command

Andy Wingo (75):
      ice-9 format license update
      format.scm cleanups
      letrec -> internal definitions in format.scm
      deprecate omission of port to ice-9 format
      inline format:format into format
      format's first arg is "destination"
      more format cleanups
      inline format:out into format
      take advantage of letrec* in format
      more format tweaks
      more format tweaks
      format handles address@hidden better
      rewrite web.texi intro
      clarify uri fragment discussion
      rename string->uri and uri->string.
      uri-decode #:encoding, not #:charset
      uri-encode fast path
      update URI documentation
      read-header returns EOF at end, update (web http) docs
      add scm_{to,from}_{utf8,latin1}_string{n,}
      add scm_from_{latin1,utf8}_symbol{n,}
      hash.c cleanup
      multibyte regex error handling fix
      add hash functions for locale, latin1, and utf8 strings
      fix symbol garbage collection
      hashtab cleanups
      remove vector hash table code
      add scm_hash_fn_get_handle_by_hash
      lookup_interned_symbol uses get_handle_by_hash
      optimize scm_from_latin1_symboln
      use scm_from_latin1_symboln for string literals and load-symbol
      revert unfinished web.texi changes
      fix tab completion in repl (doh)
      fix scm_from_stringn empty string case
      (web http): header names always represented as symbols
      (web http): don't expose header-decl objects
      update (web http) docs
      (web http): keys are always symbols
      more symbols in (web http)
      parse credentials and challenges
      update web.texi for (web http) changes
      (web response) and (web request): bodies are bytevectors
      request and response cleanups
      update web.text documentation for requests and responses
      more web.texi foo
      web.texi defun -> deffn
      update NEWS for 1.9.14
      add NEWS for expt change
      implement port-eof?
      implement r6rs hungry escaped EOL
      document hungry-eol-escapes
      update NEWS for hungry-eol-escapes
      scm_with_guile calls GC_call_with_gc_active
      web.texi fix
      infinities are no longer integers
      update the man page
      stexi->shtml supports itemx
      fix format ~f documentation for width combined with overflowchar
      update README for copyright year ranges
      fix error-handling of apply to non-list
      fix THANKS
      more sensible error if compiled-file-name returns false in compile-file
      fix error handling in variable-ref family of instructions
      guile-tools uses srfi-1
      guile-tools uses getopt-long
      guile-tools gracefully errors for missing scripts
      objcode type is an enumeration, not flags
      for mmap objcodes, store the fd in the third word, as a scheme int
      fix THANKS
      fix guile-tools getopt
      domain of inf?, finite?, nan? is the real numbers
      update api-evaluation.texi
      toplevel vars added by syntax expansion are unbound
      update NEWS
      fix srfi-13 test argument orders

Jan Nieuwenhuizen (1):
      When cross building, run GUILE_FOR_BUILD instead of just-built guile.

Julian Graham (1):
      Additional documentation for symbol manipulation functions.

Ludovic Courtès (51):
      Update Gnulib to v0.0-4544-gce083ca.
      Temporarily fix `' to allow compilation with `-Wundef'.
      Have `lookahead-u8' and `get-u8' actually do binary input.
      Improve doc of `string-index', `string-index-right', and `string-rindex'.
      Document `scm_misc_error' (bug #31969).
      Change `getaddrinfo' test to handle the GNU-specific `EAI_NODATA'.
      Tiny style improvement in the ECMAScript compiler.
      Rewrite `read-char', `display', etc. using iconv calls instead of 
      Hide the string escaping hacks.
      Augment `THANKS'.
      Remove `scm_lfwrite_str'.
      Rewrite `scm_lfwrite_substr' in terms of `scm_display'.
      Remove unexpected non-ASCII character.
      Choose the input source file encoding in a locale-independent way.
      Always initialize a port's encoding name.
      Remove useless branches in the port code.
      Install the current locale when starting the REPL.
      Optimize `scm_{to,from}_latin1_string'.
      Add `scm_{to,from}_utf32_string'.
      Test substitution and escaping on port output.
      Have `scm_getc' honor the port's conversion strategy.
      Rewrite `read-line' in terms of `scm_getc'.
      Tweak `read-line'.
      Add a `read-line' benchmark.
      Add ECMAScript parser tests.
      Fix buffer overflow in `read-line'.
      Use `scm_from_latin1_stringn' in `objcodes.c'.
      Add `-lgc' to `Libs' in `guile-2.0.pc'.
      Have `recv!', `send', etc. accept a bytevector.
      Add a test for `send' and `recv!'.
      Have `srfi-19.test' use the non-deprecated `format' style.
      Make `inet-ntop' and `inet-pton' available even when !HAVE_IPV6.
      Add missing include for MinGW.
      Don't remove `standard-library.texi' upon "make clean".
      Add `define-wrapped-pointer-type'.
      Remove the "has finalizer?" bit from pointer objects.
      Add `pointer?'.
      Disable stand-alone tests that require `dlopen' when `--disable-shared'.
      Fix typo.
      Use `#ifdef HAVE_...', not `#if'.
      Have `read-char' & co. throw to `decoding-error'.
      Avoid circular dependency between (rnrs base) and (rnrs exceptions).
      R6RS: Have `get-char', `get-line', etc. raise an `&i/o-decoding-error'.
      Upon port encoding error, always write as much as possible.
      Change `scm_encoding_error' to pass the port and faulty character.
      R6RS: Have `put-char', `put-string', etc. raise an `&i/o-encoding-error'.
      Update `NEWS'.
      Disable use of thread-local storage on FreeBSD.
      Enclose SRFI-13 deprecation handling in `#if SCM_ENABLE_DEPRECATED == 1'.
      Bump version number for 1.9.15.

Mark H Weaver (32):
      Fix bugs in expt and integer-expt
      Fix incorrect FUNC_NAME for scm_current_processor_count
      Do not apply `inf?' or `nan?' to strings
      Fix NEWS entry regarding changes to `expt' for zero base
      Add SCM_INUM1 to numbers.h, and make use of it and SCM_INUM0 in numbers.c
      Implement `finite?' in core and fix R6RS `finite?' and `infinite?'
      Optimize scm_exact_p by making use of SCM_INEXACTP
      Remove useless code from do_divide
      note inf? / nan? domain in NEWS
      Fix bugs when negating SCM_MOST_POSITIVE_FIXNUM+1
      Remove useless test and fix spelling errors
      `equal?' and `eqv?' are now equivalent for numbers
      Infinities and NaNs are no longer rational
      Implement R6RS `real-valued?', `rational-valued?', `integer-valued?'
      Fix GOOPS method compilation bug when no next-method exists
      Add SCM_LIKELY and SCM_UNLIKELY for optimization
      Add two new sets of fast quotient and remainder operators
      Improve extensibility of core numeric procedures
      Rework the testing framework for number-theoretic division operators
      Rename {euclidean,centered}_quo_rem to {euclidean,centered}_divide
      Improve extensibility of `expt' and `integer-expt'
      Update copyright date of manual, and a small fix
      Fix and combine NEWS entries on `infinite?' and `finite?'
      Fix bugs in `rationalize'
      More discriminating NaN predicates for numbers.test
      Handle products with exact 0 differently
      Move comment about trig functions back where it belongs
      Improve discussion of exactness propagation in manual
      Fix `min' and `max' handling of NaNs, infinities, and signed zeroes
      Trigonometric functions return exact numbers in some cases
      Improve handling of signed zeroes
      Support non-real complex numbers with inexact zero imaginary part

Michael Gran (1):
      Use 'substring' instead of obsoleted 'make-shared-substring'

Neil Jerram (14):
      Manual typo fix
      Improve doc on generic functions and inheritance
      Move `Introspection' earlier
      Edit `Introspection'
      Reorder `Introspection'
      Move `Accessing Slots' inside `Introspection'.
      Remove content-free `Generic Functions and Accessors'
      Merge small sections into `GOOPS Object Miscellany'
      Move `Handling Slot Access Errors' inside `Accessing Slots'
      Move `GOOPS Error Handling' to after `Introspection'
      Confront the MOP
      Manual page fixes
      Document missing Guile command line options
      Add "REPORTING BUGS" and "COPYING" sections to Guile man page

Noah Lavine (7):
      Fix ECMAScript object creation.
      Add ECMAScript Unicode literal support
      Ecmascript Syntax Fix
      Ecmascript Syntax
      Fix Hex Constants
      Parse Decimal Numbers
      macro documentation fixup


GNU Guile

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