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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.1, updated. v2.0.1

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.1, updated. v2.0.1
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 20:49:40 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, v2.0.1 has been updated
        to  8c2c43335d90fe454248779a9eefdfd9e9d3faab (tag)
      from  36b40e5e7057623aa01ff2483368a2a70fb903b8 (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  6b480ced9c31be3106e675b51afb2dfa4245bd03 (commit)
  replaces  v2.0.0
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Apr 27 22:48:37 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 2.0.1.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.16 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (11):
      Use module identity to filter for existing modules
      Don't mix definitions and expressions in SRFI-9
      Add `get-string-n' and `get-string-n!' for R6RS ports
      Export `current-*-port' from `(rnrs io ports)'
      Enhance transcoder-related functionality of `(rnrs io ports)'
      Fix syntax error in benchmark-suite/
      Add VM test for call/cc in non-tail position
      Add a few benchmarks for R6RS fixnum arithmetic
      Several optimizations for R6RS fixnum arithmetic
      Move `define-inlinable' into the default namespace
      Implement R6RS' `fixnum?' in a smarter way

Andy Wingo (102):
      update extension example in manual
      add (ice-9 binary-ports)
      core modules use (ice-9 binary-ports) instead of (rnrs io ports)
      fix a couple leaks in ports.c.  thanks valgrind!
      @value{EFFECTIVE-VERSION} instead of 2.0 in some places in the manual
      tour.texi compilation fix
      pkg-config instead of guile-config in manuals
      update examples in manual to use PKG_CHECK_MODULES
      GC dead links in weak hash tables before a possible rehash
      open-pipe* pumps pipes guardian
      web server more assiduous about closing ports
      errno saving in display_string
      pointerless backing buffers for string ports
      re-enable the after-gc-hook
      weak hash tables vacuum stale entries after a gc
      make-weak-key-hash-table vacuuming
      psyntax: fold chi-top-sequence into chi-top
      chi-top-sequence defines macros before expanding other exps
      add syncase test
      regenerate psyntax-pp
      update R6RS incompatibilities
      scm-error-printer resilience
      flush all input on a read error
      update port-filename docs
      more module-use-interfaces! tweaks
      fix encoding scanning for non-seekable ports
      repl.scm refactor
      repl.scm understands comments
      fix ,stat
      repl: terminal-width by default
      remove obsolete comments
      add ice-9 eval-string
      add scm_c_public_ref et al
      core eval-string uses (ice-9 eval-string)
      fix scm_setter
      add scm_call_{5,6}
      document scm_call_{5,6,n}
      eval-string docs
      scm_public_ref et al docs
      fix-letrec tweaks
      fix port-filename without readline to match the docs
      fix frame dynamic linkage in the face of partial continuation application
      add more prompt/abort tests
      add pointer->scm, scm->pointer
      fix code that causes warnings on gcc 4.6
      add heap-allocated-since-gc to gc-stats
      allow ,option on-error report instead of debug
      scm_{to,from}_locale_string use current locale, not current ports
      add multibyte regexp test
      fix thread cleanup
      fix new-frame push in call/cc
      fix a failure to sync regs in vm bytevector ops
      with-continuation-barrier carps, calls exit(3) _after_ unwinding
      bdw-gc 6.8 compatibility (hopefully)
      Revert "with-continuation-barrier carps, calls exit(3) _after_ unwinding"
      threading / with_guile refactor to use more GC_stack_base
      avoid running GC when SCM_I_CURRENT_THREAD is unset
      fix (texinfo reflection) to handle nested structures like syntax patterns
      fix stexi->html double translation
      tree-il->scheme fix
      fix prompt in fix in single-value context compilation
      rewrite ensure-writable-dir to not be racy
      document -q, repl options
      fix error message on ,disassemble "non-procedure"
      fix compilation with libgc 7.0, 7.1
      fix prompt and abort with the boot evaluator
      with-continuation-barrier calls exit(3) _after_ unwinding
      allow definitions in with-syntax body
      inline fxops in psyntax
      fix problems detecting coding: in block comments
      web.texi: fix uri->string invocation
      web.texi: handler return types documentation
      fix duplicate path in uninstalled-env
      latin1 subr and message in internal scm_{encoding,decoding}_error
      make_objcode_by_mmap uses MAP_PRIVATE, not MAP_SHARED
      support loading objcode even if mmap(2) is unavailable
      string->pointer and pointer->string have optional encoding arg
      fix c32vector-set!, c64vector-set!
      pthread-threads.h: only redirect to GC_pthread_sigmask if it is present
      ignore SIGPIPE in (system repl server)
      refactor scm_i_print_symbol_name
      read-extended-symbol handles backslash better, including r6rs hex escapes
      symbols with odd characters print better in #{}#
      regen psyntax-pp.scm
      fix reader.test for --disable-deprecated
      --disable-threads fix
      revert 4a2ac0623c3dabb2c8b9d38c27b837dcb2c7fe4e
      (rnrs arithmetic fixnums) fixnum? export a procedure again
      update NEWS
      don't warn about non-literal fmt strings for e.g. (_ "foo")
      add (ice-9 command-line)
      add packager info to %build-info
      script.c calls out to (ice-9 command-line)
      guile -v prints LGPLv3+.
      fix embarrassing bugs in (ice-9 command-line)
      fix analyze.scm literal string warnings
      add --fresh-auto-compile
      use gc_start_callback + asyncs for after-gc-hook, instead of finalizers
      weak hash table vacuum on before-gc C hook
      pre-GC_set_start_callback compatibility
      fix pre-GC_set_start_callback compilation
      add test that libunistring was built with iconv support

BT Templeton (3):
      add guile-snarf tests
      guile-snarf: allow multiple init actions on one line
      fix guile-snarf

Bruno Haible (2):
      guile.m4: Add support for linking against guile with rpath.
      Update comment about uc_locale_language.

Ian Price (3):
      Added optional second arg to R6RS log function
      fix assert to return true value.
      Fix fencepost error in bip_seek

Kevin Fletcher (1):
      fix gc_register_my_thread et al fallback impls

Ludovic Courtès (60):
      Make `(rnrs base)' independent of other rnrs modules.
      Compile `(rnrs)' after all other RNRS modules, potentially.
      Add omitted exports from `(ice-9 vlist)'.
      Optimize `vhash-delete'.
      Use `vhash-delq' in `(language tree-il analyze)'.
      Fix a bug in `vhash-delete'.
      Fix README.
      Make `locale-digit-grouping' more robust.
      Revert ""latin1" -> "Latin-1"."
      Fix `gc-profile.scm'.
      Strip any CPPFLAGS other than `-I' from `guile-2.0.pc'.
      Link stand-alone tests against libgc.
      Have `read' update line/column numbers when reading SCSH block comments.
      Improve the documentation for `dynamic-link'.
      Remove extra comma after `SCM_ARRAY_ELEMENT_TYPE_LAST'.
      Use a bytevector as the backing buffer of string ports.
      Let `scm_mkstrport' allocate buffers on the caller's behalf.
      Simply grow string port buffers geometrically.
      Slightly optimize `gensym'.
      Make `object->string' explicitly close its string output port.
      Add `gc-benchmarks/' to the distribution.
      Have `gc-profile.scm' make sure it's on a Linux-based system.
      Handle `letrec*' like `letrec' in simple cases.
      FFI: Return the right alignment for structures.
      Thanks, Aidan.
      Fix `define-inlinable' in SRFI-9 so that arguments are evaluated only 
      Work around weak-value hash table bug in `define-wrapped-pointer-type'.
      doc: Remove "lack of support for Unicode I/O and strings".
      i18n: Re-enable tests with the Turkish locale.
      i18n: Add case mapping and case-insensitive string comparison tests.
      Fix `i18n.test' when the German or Greek locales aren't available.
      Make VM string literals immutable.
      Fix `procedure->pointer' for functions returning `void'.
      Add tests for `-Wformat' and gettext.
      Include <sched.h> in `posix.c'.
      Allow compilation with `--disable-posix'.
      Build `filesys.x'.
      Increase the timeout of timing-sensitive thread tests.
      Fix typo in `'.
      Turn the libunistring/iconv configure check into a macro.
      Make sure binary ports pass `binary-port?' regardless of the locale.
      Make `scm_i_ensure_signal_delivery_thread' call in Guile mode.
      Add pthread-related tests.
      Make the `sizeof (mpz_t)' check at compile-time.
      Move `{total,current}-processor-count' outside of `posix.c'.
      Compile more file system related procedures when `--disable-posix'.
      Fix `#ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H' stanza in some stand-alone tests.
      Update Gnulib to v0.0-5158-g7d06b32; remove `strcase' and 
      Use `scm_with_guile' in `test-pthread-create'.
      Remove the `sizeof (mpz_t)' check.
      Gracefully handle `setlocale' errors at the REPL.
      Rewrite port decoding error tests using a mini DSL.
      Add a couple more Unicode I/O tests.
      Gracefully handle unterminated UTF-8 sequences instead of hitting an 
      Add tests for UTF-8 ill-formed sequence handling.
      Document `(ice-9 binary-ports)'.
      Keep a 2.0.0-compatible `define-inlinable' macro in (srfi srfi-9).
      Update `NEWS'.
      Bump version number for 2.0.1.
      Fix typo in `NEWS'.

Mark H Weaver (20):
      Portability fix for new log and log10
      Portability fixes for popen.test (for when /bin/sh is not bash)
      Fix bytevectors VALIDATE_REAL to test for reals, not rationals
      Fix description of the R6RS `finite?' in manual
      Update comments regarding GMP earlier than 4.2.
      Remove incorrect footnote from GOOPS manual
      Quotient, remainder and modulo accept inexact integers
      Within `while', `continue' takes zero arguments
      Improve docs of string and symbol conversions from C strings
      Add scm_from_latin1_keyword and scm_from_utf8_keyword
      Update Gnulib; add new modules; remove `round' module.
      Fix bug to make `string=' much faster
      Do not enter the debugger if the thrown key is in `pass-keys'
      Undeprecate read syntax for uniform complex vectors
      Doc fix: quotient/remainder/modulo do not require exact arguments
      Fix parsing of exact numbers with negative exponents
      Fix typo in arithmetic benchmark
      Fix the R6RS exact-integer-sqrt and import into core guile
      Clarify the units of returned lengths in string conversion functions
      Clarify units of string length in decription of scm_from_stringn

Mark Harig (1):
      Updated Guile manual page.

Michael Gran (5):
      Add ,width meta-command to set screen width in debug output
      Benchmarks for string comparisons
      check for GC_allow_register_threads
      don't GC unregister null thread
      More descriptive error for dynamic-pointer

Neil Jerram (16):
      No sublimated desires
      Rewording for "make an intervention".
      Work on GOOPS MOP documentation
      Summarize class definition protocol
      Doc of MOP for instance and class creation
      Merge orphan Class Options section into Class Definition
      Clean up doc on class redefinition and instance class changing
      Tidy up remaining bits of the MOP section
      Remove unneeded fixme
      Last (for a little while) GOOPs doc fix
      Fix typos in (web ...) doc
      Remove unused definition of preinstguiletool
      GUILE_FOR_BUILD is only needed by meta/, not by Makefiles
      Make explicit that GUILE_FOR_BUILD is only used when cross-compiling
      Inline the effect of am/pre-inst-guile
      Remove statements about scripts/* that are no longer true

Noah Lavine (1):
      Document SRFI-23


GNU Guile

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