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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.1.0, created. v2.1.0

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.1.0, created. v2.1.0
Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 12:32:56 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, v2.1.0 has been created
        at  e1e63a5fabdf592725a12bf7ac36ef8899ed27fd (tag)
   tagging  fc7bd367ab4b5027a7f80686b1e229c62e43c90b (commit)
  replaces  v2.0.1
 tagged by  Andy Wingo
        on  Thu May 12 14:32:44 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tag 2.1.0 to make git-describe happy

Andreas Rottmann (2):
      More completely document the `(rnrs io ports)' library
      Make the R6RS simple I/O library use conditions

Andy Wingo (50):
      Merge remote branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      bump effective version to 2.2
      add reset and shift
      allow while as an expression
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      fix break example
      fix double-loading of script in -ds case
      -x error message fix
      check for iconveh values at configure-time
      latin1 strings in vm error messages
      MV truncation in the boot evaluator
      psyntax simplification
      fix hash-set! in weak-value table from non-immediate to immediate
      deprecate scm_whash API
      deprecated primitive-properties don't get handles from weak hash tables
      fix scm_object_property_set_x for handles and weak tables
      boot-9 fixme note
      (ice-9 poe) does not get handles from weak hash tables
      disallow get-handle / create-handle! of weak hash tables
      deprecate scm_struct_table
      build support for detecting clock_gettime, with -lrt if needed
      scm_c_get_internal_run_time is more precise
      measure time spent in gc
      minor statprof tweaks
      add gcprof
      silly "optimization" in (language assembly)
      speed up compile-bytecode
      srfi-1 `member' in scheme, inlines to memq / memv in some cases
      VM tweaks
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      scm_mem[qv] optimization
      psyntax simplification
      map and for-each in scheme
      avoid tls gets when handling interrupts in the vm
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      fix srfi-1 map-in-order definition
      bytevectors have internal parent field
      fix `hash' for inf and nan
      compile-assembly: add traversal helpers
      compile-assembly: make-meta refactor
      compile-assembly: add build-constant-store, build-object-table
      compile-assembly: add dump-constants, a new helper
      compile-assembly: use file-level constants table
      compile-assembly: cleanup
      add map and for-each benchmarks
      fix some duplication in object tables
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      all deprecated routines emit warnings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable-2.0'
      remove all deprecated code

Daniel Llorens (1):
      Fix call-with-input-file & relatives for multiple values

Ludovic Courtès (11):
      Switch to 2.1.0.
      Automatically generate `peek-char' decoding error tests.
      Generate `escape' and `substitute' port decoding tests.
      Fix `foreign.test' for big endian machines.
      Special-case UTF-8 ports to bypass `iconv' entirely.
      Add `scm_peek_byte_or_eof'.
      Fix `get_utf8_codepoint' to not consume valid starting bytes.
      Make the definition of `scm_read_shebang' match its declaration.
      Fix small integer return value packing on big endian machines.
      Optimize `vlist-fold-right'.
      Add `vhash-fold-right'.

Mark H Weaver (12):
      Fix comment above number-theoretic division tests
      Improvements to `log' and `log10'
      Portability fix for new log and log10
      Portability fixes for popen.test (for when /bin/sh is not bash)
      Fix bytevectors VALIDATE_REAL to test for reals, not rationals
      Fix description of the R6RS `finite?' in manual
      Update comments regarding GMP earlier than 4.2.
      Remove incorrect footnote from GOOPS manual
      Quotient, remainder and modulo accept inexact integers
      Within `while', `continue' takes zero arguments
      Improve docs of string and symbol conversions from C strings
      Add scm_from_latin1_keyword and scm_from_utf8_keyword

Neil Jerram (2):
      No sublimated desires
      Rewording for "make an intervention".


GNU Guile

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