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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.2, created. v2.0.2

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, v2.0.2, created. v2.0.2
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 22:02:32 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, v2.0.2 has been created
        at  e80ee824e2901f66724a4e4d1aa947a9a9e02f43 (tag)
   tagging  c467c36374b7bdbdfe4c0dfccaa2fb4ebfb4d3a7 (commit)
  replaces  v2.0.1
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Fri Jul 1 23:55:45 2011 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 2.0.2.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.16 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Rottmann (8):
      More completely document the `(rnrs io ports)' library
      Make the R6RS simple I/O library use conditions
      Improve R6RS conformance wrt. conditions in the I/O libraries
      Add some tests for the R6RS I/O libraries
      rnrs io ports: fix port encoding when opening file ports
      Tweak R6RS transcoded ports flushing
      Fix likely crash in `stable-sort!'
      Silence warnings for variables created by `generate-temporaries'

Andy Wingo (105):
      add reset and shift
      allow while as an expression
      fix break example
      fix double-loading of script in -ds case
      -x error message fix
      check for iconveh values at configure-time
      latin1 strings in vm error messages
      MV truncation in the boot evaluator
      psyntax simplification
      fix hash-set! in weak-value table from non-immediate to immediate
      deprecate scm_whash API
      deprecated primitive-properties don't get handles from weak hash tables
      fix scm_object_property_set_x for handles and weak tables
      boot-9 fixme note
      (ice-9 poe) does not get handles from weak hash tables
      disallow get-handle / create-handle! of weak hash tables
      deprecate scm_struct_table
      build support for detecting clock_gettime, with -lrt if needed
      scm_c_get_internal_run_time is more precise
      measure time spent in gc
      minor statprof tweaks
      add gcprof
      silly "optimization" in (language assembly)
      speed up compile-bytecode
      srfi-1 `member' in scheme, inlines to memq / memv in some cases
      VM tweaks
      scm_mem[qv] optimization
      psyntax simplification
      map and for-each in scheme
      avoid tls gets when handling interrupts in the vm
      fix srfi-1 map-in-order definition
      fix `hash' for inf and nan
      compile-assembly: add traversal helpers
      compile-assembly: make-meta refactor
      compile-assembly: add build-constant-store, build-object-table
      compile-assembly: add dump-constants, a new helper
      compile-assembly: use file-level constants table
      compile-assembly: cleanup
      add map and for-each benchmarks
      fix some duplication in object tables
      all deprecated routines emit warnings
      add missing SCM_DEPRECATED annotation
      fix static allocation with debug_typing_strictness==2
      allow iflags to be constant expressions with typing-strictness==2
      fix type errors
      async.c refactor
      excise scm_internal_dynamic_wind from goops.c
      deprecate scm_internal_dynamic_wind
      scm_is_eq for SCM vals, not == or !=
      more care regarding SCM_PACK and SCM_UNPACK
      scm_is_false instead of == SCM_BOOL_F; also is_null, is_true, etc
      correct use of SCM2PTR in SCM_I_REGISTER_DISAPPEARING_LINK forms
      vm_make_boot_program initializer fix
      weak_bucket_assoc tweak
      scm_port_for_each fix
      ports.c uninitialized static SCM values are #f, not 0
      compile-time assertion in net_db uses constant expressions
      PTR2SCM and SCM2PTR in inline.h
      i18n error return type fix
      refactor do_thread_exit cleanup handler invocation
      fix documentation for option-set! syntaxen
      gen-scmconfig cross-compilation fix
      fix compile error in mingw fstat socket detection
      clocktime freebsd portability
      (syntax foo) -> #'foo in goops
      fix define-module ordering
      really threadsafe access to symbol table
      set-procedure-property! threadsafety issue
      safely access the trampoline weak map
      read + source properties simplification
      threadsafe access to source properties weak hash table
      threadsafe addition to the goops vtable_class_map
      out-of-tree build fix
      deprecate scm_immutable_{double_,}cell
      remove scm_newcell_count, scm_newcell2_count
      lazily init futures worker pool
      leave guile when reading signal pipe
      fix subtle and bad scm_internal_hash_fold bug for weak tables
      add (system base target)
      compile-bytecode uses target-endianness
      write-objcode uses target-endianness, target-word-size
      rename `guile-tools' to `guild'
      add guild docs
      fix hash-set! on weak tables
      add docs for shift and reset
      update NEWS
      more NEWS
      fix initial values of reallocated fluids
      gnulib update
      O_CLOEXEC usage
      add `rename' gnulib module
      remove win32-dirent.[ch]
      check for clock_getcpuclockid in gl_CLOCK_TIME
      fix AC_LANG_SOURCE warnings
      fix self tail recursion to different case-lambda clauses
      better messages on failed autocompilation
      add -Wformat to %auto-compilation-options
      fix invalid transformation of (values x) -> x, (+ x) -> x, etc
      current-language really defaults to Scheme.
      update stack growth direction check
      HAVE_POSIX warning fix
      fix --disable-modules build
      %load-hook not just for primitive-load
      fix generation of auto-compiled file names on mingw systems
      fix '(a #{.} b)

Daniel Llorens (1):
      Fix call-with-input-file & relatives for multiple values

Ian Price (1):
      Fix hygiene issues with `define-record-type'

Jan Nieuwenhuizen (1):
      mingw: use $APPDATA as a possible root for cachedir.

Ludovic Courtès (25):
      Automatically generate `peek-char' decoding error tests.
      Generate `escape' and `substitute' port decoding tests.
      Fix `foreign.test' for big endian machines.
      Special-case UTF-8 ports to bypass `iconv' entirely.
      Add `scm_peek_byte_or_eof'.
      Fix `get_utf8_codepoint' to not consume valid starting bytes.
      Make the definition of `scm_read_shebang' match its declaration.
      Fix small integer return value packing on big endian machines.
      Optimize `vlist-fold-right'.
      Add `vhash-fold-right'.
      doc: Mention the former name of `guild'.
      configure: Factorize code checking for `iconveh_' constants; use the 
      Comment on the Gnulib `clock-gettime' workaround.
      Placate GCC in `test-ffi-lib.c'.
      Fix lock ordering in `fat_mutex_lock' to match that of `do_thread_exit'.
      Add `guile-invoke.texi' to the distribution.
      Fix `on_thread_exit' for canceled threads.
      i18n: Don't use `!=' to compare SCMs.
      Fix unaligned accesses for bytevectors of complex numbers.
      Add type and range checks to the complex generalized vector accessors.
      Type-check the OWNER argument of `lock-mutex'.
      Update Gnulib to v0.0-5874-g7170ee0.
      Revert "Fix lock ordering in `fat_mutex_lock' to match that of 
      Update `NEWS'.
      Bump version number for 2.0.2.

Mark H Weaver (3):
      Don't call scm_lock_mutex and scm_unlock_mutex via pointer of wrong type
      Clarify docs for SCM_UNSPECIFIED: used sometimes but not always
      Fix several POSIX functions to use the locale encoding

Mark Harig (1):
      better invocation documentation

Neil Jerram (8):
      Fix "occurrances" typos in getopt-long code and test
      Simplify getopt-long handling of option values, esp with multiple 
      Handle short option unclumping progressively, instead of all upfront
      Implement #:stop-at-first-non-option option for getopt-long
      Reveal guile-tools's inner simplicity...
      Emit a 1-based line number in error messages
      Remove unused script-getopt.texi
      Doc for getopt-long's new stop-at-first-non-option option

Stefan Israelsson Tampe (1):
      psyntax: enable dotted tail patterns


GNU Guile

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